Medical Careers with West Steveston Medical Clinic & Steveston MedSpa

We have over twenty two years of long term Associate models of practice . We have provided medical care to Richmond and the lower mainland for over two decades with long term Associates. We suggest a 4-5 day a week manageable schedule although weekend work can be accommodated.We provide high quality primary care services to the community as well as consult to other primary care practitioners. Although the majority of clinics use EMR and are paperless , we are technologically advanced using EMRs since 2005 and currently using Oscar/Juno and Cortico for efficiency and depth of care models.

If you are a Nurse Practitioner, Family Physician or specialist and are interested in joining the West Steveston Medical Clinic& Steveston MedSpa team on a part-time or full-time basis, please email us at

Can tailor your needs including maternity leave
Support Staff
We have excellent , reliable support staff
We have experience with EMR’s since 2005 as early adopters of technology. VOIP for telehealth. Outstanding online booking and charting tools with voice recognition dictation or typing.
70-30 split with very unique opportunities [no one else will match this opportunity] for the group to buy and takeover the strata units and form a cooperative or a single buyer opportunity.
Why us ?
We don’t use gimmicks as recruitment tools . We are offering outstanding long term conditions that can not be matched by anyone else. With the PCN contracts we anticipate an ease of practice take-over with excellent long-term working conditions.

For more information please email us at