Welcome to West Steveston Medical Clinic


Steveston MedSpa

Unit 100-6168 London Road

Tel: 604-448-9595 to bypass the phone tree repeat dialing 1 and 5 ( if phone keeps ringing, it is because staff are on the another call or away from their desk) Ext: 1 ~ 5 

Fax: 604-304-9595. 


The clinic will open one HALF day a week for medical procedures and one HALF day a week for injections. We are taking steps to ensure we do everything possible to keep our patients and our team healthy while maintaining the highest level of safety WITH patient care.

In Person Visit Schedule :
April 21, 2021                  Dr. Nanda
May 5, 2021                   Dr. Sandrasagra
May 7, 2021                      Dr. Nanda
May 19, 2021                    Dr. Nanda
May 12, 2021                    Dr. Singhal
May 26, 2021                    Dr. Ahmad
Monday ~ Friday           Dr. Ghoneim 


Professional medical anti-aging clinic.

Dr. Manoj Singhal MD