Preparing for Visit

Please bring your care card information with you to your appointment if not already registered with us.We will need to charge a private fee if you do not have a valid care card or other third party payment plan (i.e. RCMP, Blue Cross, etc.).

Please update our staff on any changes in your contact information.

Physician Schedule:




Dear Patients:
We understand that it can be very stressful at times when awaiting test results.  However, we request that you do not phone the clinic to ask if your results are available because staff cannot provide results over the phone.

When will my results be available?

It depends on the types of tests you were sent for.  In general:

Type of Test

When results are available

Lifelabs lab results (blood/urine)

1-2 business days


3-4 business days


4-8 weeks

Provincial labs (HIV, Syphilis, Hep C)

1-2 weeks

CT scans/ MRI

3-4 business days


approximately 5 business days



How do I know the results?

All lab results and reports are reviewed by a physician.  If there are any abnormalities that require follow up, you will be contacted by our staff or a physician within a few days to book an appointment.  You will be notified if the matter is urgent.

If you are not contacted  you may follow up in person if an urgent need exists.  Moreover, you are welcome to be seen at our clinic by our physicians to review your results at your convenience.

Why can you not provide results over the phone?

  1. Our phones are answered by Medical Office Assistants who are not trained to interpret lab results.
  2. We use electronic medical records and staff does not have access to lab results.
  3. In order to protect patient confidentiality, we cannot provide medical information over the phone.

What can I do to facilitate receiving results?

Update your contact information (address, phone numbers) with our staff as soon as possible.

Do not call the clinic to inquire about your lab results unless you are called in.  Doing so unnecessarily ties up the staff who can only advise you of the above.